Upcoming book: A Place to Paint: Featured Artists

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the following artists who welcomed me into their homes and studios. I can’t begin to tell you how much pleasure each interview brought me. When I look through the photos that both Dave and I took, well – I get to relive the joy all over again!

I invite you to visit the artists’ websites below and consider purchasing something beautiful for your home or loved one. It’s all about bringing more beauty into your home and life — and I can think of no better way than with art!

Artists I’ve Interviewed

Annick Bouvron-Gromek Watercolor, monotype
Bill Childs Watercolor and Monotype
Rosemary Conroy Acrylic
Grace Daly Oil, pastel, watercolor, arcylic, mixed media
Skip Dufour Watercolor
Elaine Farmer oil, pastel, instructor
Dannielle Genovese Watercolor, monotype, arcylic, mixed media
Helen Hazen Pastels, watercolor, instructor
Laurel Jamieson Miniature watercolors, instructor
Judy Johnson Watercolor, oil mixed media
Jan Kilburn Watercolors, instructor
Dustan Knight watercolor, instructor
JoAnne Lussier Oil, pastel
Gwen Morgan Watercolor
Mary Rose O’Connell Oils, portraits
Doris Rice Watercolor, instructor
Dennis Sheehan Oils, tonalist, instructor